Add and remove games on Anbernic Jel-OS

If you previously purchased a device with Jel-os and want to access the game files on the card to either remove or add new games but are using a windows based computer, you wont be able to see the partition that holds the games by plugging the card in. The partition can only be seen by mounting a network share from the device OR by inserting the microSD into a Linux based computer.

Here I will show you how to access the files by creating a share from the device with the microSD card and accessing the microSD card over the network on a windows based computer.

Before you start you will need to have the microSD connected to the anbernic device, device powered on. The computer and device need to be on the same network.

On the device - Press Start -> Network Settings ->Enable Wifi
enter your wifi SSID
enter your wifi password

On a windows computer -  press start button (lower left bottom of screen)
type RUN, it will open a box at the bottom left side of the screen

***NOTE If you have a 353V you type \\353V , If you have a 353P or 353M you type \\353P for both as they are the same .

Example: in the run box type: \\RG353P 
(A windows with folders will show up)

select roms folder, it will ask for username and password

username: root
password: root

Press enter, you will be in a folder with the game system names.

now all you would need to do is drop the games you want in the correct folder.

you can also remove games from the folders.

when you add new games, on your device press, start -> game settings -> update gamelist ( you have to do this for the changes to take place)


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