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Nintendo GameCube Purple with PICOBOOT + PLUTO-IIx HDMI + RECAPPED +128GB MicroSD #100

Nintendo GameCube Purple with PICOBOOT + PLUTO-IIx HDMI + RECAPPED +128GB MicroSD #100

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This system has been serviced and fully tested to make sure you're guaranteed to have a working system for many years to come. Any damaged/ worn out capacitors have been replaced. The internals are all stock except for the newly added items mentioned below.

More details of work done inside GameCube:

• PicoBoot Mod
• Pluto-IIx HDMI Internal Port Installed
• DVD Drive Recapped & Serviced (Is working)
• CR2032 Socket Holder (For Easy battery change)
• New CR2032 Battery installed
• New Thermal Pads added
• New Translucent Case
• New Power LED

• Plug & Play (No set-up required)
• Region Free
• System Language is English
• Swiss v.06
• Works and saves normally
Whats included:

• Nintendo GameCube
• GC2SD Adapter
• 128GB MicroSD - Pre-configured
• Written Manual

• If you have a physical gameboy player connected to the gamecube, When you boot up the gamecube, if you select B at Swiss screen , it can boot  straight into GBI (gameboy interface)  (already pre-configured) You wont need the disc for gameboy player.

NOT INCLUDED: Controllers / AV cable / Power adapter/Memory Cards/GameBoy Player


There are certain gamecube 3rd party HDMI AV cables and 3rd party Power supplies that cause issues to gamecube due to them being cheaply made.
Only use genuine OEM Gamecube AV Cables and OEM Power supplies.

See list of recommended gamecube HDMI CABLES, Power Supplies, controllers and memory cards that work perfectly with the gamecube below

 *The microSD will be 128GB SanDisc/Samsung OR GigaStone (which ever I have available)


Recommended items for GameCube:

GameCube memory card (for game saves):


OEM Power supply

HDMI Cable:



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