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SD2SNES Rev. X Version Pro with 16GB Card - READY TO PLAY (USA)

SD2SNES Rev. X Version Pro with 16GB Card - READY TO PLAY (USA)

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  • 2725 Games
  • Plug & Play - No Set-Up Required
  • Everything is pre-configured/pre-loaded out of the box
  • No Duplicates, organized neatly
  • Recently Played Menu
  • Complete library for every region listed below

SNES Games by region (# Of Titles)
  • USA (NTSC) - (755)
  • JAPAN (NTSC) - (1407)
  • EUROPE (PAL) - (563)
Total: (2725)

Whats in the box

  • SD2SNES Cart
  • 16GB MicroSD card (pre-configured)
  • 2x Stickers for cartridge

More details:
  • Region Code: Region Free
  • Platform: for Nintendo SNES
  • Game Name: SD2SNES Rev. X Version Pro
  • Release Year: 2022

  •     This is classical 16 bit game card for SNES game consoles, works perfectly, suitable for players collection
  •     With saving function; Custom game card shell, fit for all USA/EUR/Japan consoles;
  •     Support most special chip games; Support user add or delete games;
  •     The new version - Rev X Pro version board
  •     Directories are sorted automatically, no need for FAT sorting tools;
  •     High resolution menu (512×224) for adequate display of long file names;
  •     Supports ROM size up to 128MBit (96Mbit actually implemented);
  •     Automatic near-time SRAM saving to micro SD Card;
  •     Enhancement chip support (see below for implementation status);
  •     SuperCIC key (SNES CIC clone):
  •     Enables operation on unmodified consoles of all regions
  •     Supports software 50/60Hz switching on SuperCIC enhanced consoles only
  •     Auto region patching


  • BS-X memory map / Satellaview base unit registers (clock)
  • DSP-1/1B
  • DSP-2
  • DSP-3
  • DSP-4
  • ST-010
  • Cx4
  • OBC-1
  • MSU-1
  • GSU (Super FX)
  • SA-1
  • S-DD1

The cartridge uses a custom made multi-region shell. It fits any region consoles: North America (NTSC), Europe (PAL), Japan (NTSC).



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Eric S.
Works great, very happy.

Everything works great, and exactly as listed. It was packaged very securely, and arrived faster than I expected. I am a very satisfied customer, well worth the price. Thank you very much.

Works perfectly

Every game I've tested so far works perfectly. I loaded the 240p Test Suite on it and it works as well.

Nicholas G.
Item was as described. Very happy

Tested on a North American Original SNES, "New Style" SNS-101, and SupaBoy handheld. Works great on all of them

Kitsun B.
works great

I was a little concerned about this purchase at first but right out of the box it works great on my Analogue Super NT and on my Super Famicom (SNES) I have had no issues. Super pleased with the product and the money I saved buying this as compared to the FX Pak Pro.

Joe G.
For the ultimate snes fan, Brought back a lot of memories

Fast shipping and great packaging!

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